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Create a Spreadsheet File, desktop database table or AS/400 database table with as many Columns as you want from any AS/400 Spool File
Chilly -------->Spreadsheet (database)   From AS/400 spooled report to spreadsheet3 easy steps
AS/400 spooled file

Chilly will convert AS/400 spooled files into databases or spreadsheets

separator.gif (323 bytes)   It only takes Three steps to export your spool file from the AS/400 to your PC. Chilly creates an AS/400 table and a comma delimited text file ready to be imported to your favorite desktop database or spreadsheet program.


Create and save your own extraction specifications and save them to a template.

Select a spool file from any output queue

Create your fields by breaking your file into columns

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  • Omit report headings
  • Omit 1st x pages
  • Create one or many columns
  • Flexible selection criterion
  • Move minus sign to front

You can also:

  • Save your "Chilly Template Program"

- is automatically related to a spool file name.

- can be used in batch to load your database/Spreadsheet every time an AS/400 program runs.


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