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You may FTP a  FREE  30 day Trial Version of Chilly directly to your AS400.  

These instructions are for the AS400 Version 4 OS.  If you are on Version 5 (iSeries), substitute SAVCH_V5 instead of SAVCH4

Follow these Steps:

On Your AS400

Step 1:
  CRTLIB       chilly
  CRTLIB       chillydata
  CRTLIB       chillyget
  CRTSAVF   chillyget/savch4
 (You must create the save file above before you transfer the file.  If you don't, then the FTP will appear to work, but will create a useless Physical File.)

Step 2 - Method 1:
  FTP ''
  User - anonymous
  Password - any non-blank
  get   savch4 chillyget/savch4 (replace

- OR - Step 2 - Alternate Method:
  Use FTP (as above) to Copy File to your PC.
  Use AS400 Operations Navigator to copy the file to an AS400 Shared Folder
  CPYFRMSTMF   fromstmf('qdls/your folder/savch4') 

Step 3:
  RSTLIB         savlib(chilly4) dev(*savf) savf(chillyget/savch4) rstlib(chilly)
  ADDLIBLE   chilly

Step 4:
  run command - chilly

  Then get a Free User Guide from this site.


After trying Chilly for 30 days, you may purchase a permanent license for  $40. Please send a check and your Email Address to: 

Capital Business Systems, Inc.
PO Box 754308
Forest Hills, NY 11375

We will then Email you the permanent key information.